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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does BDSM stand for?

Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism. 

What is a Mistress?

A Mistress is a person that has experience in and is trained to assist you in exploring your kinks and fetishes with safety and agreement. A Mistress does kink activities to you, the submissive, so is seen to be in the Dominant position. 

What is a Submissive?

A Submissive is a person who likes to have their kinks and fetishes done to them by a Dominant with safety and total agreement. 

What can I expect in a session with Mistress Phoenix?

First it's important to note that everything that happens in a session is negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. There are no surprises. A Mistress does not just grab you and do whatever she wants to you without discussion or agreement. An experienced Mistress like Mistress Phoenix will want to know what your kinks and fetishes are, what you would like to explore, what your safe word is, and what your experience level is. Mistress will then decide if what you are wanting to explore is a kinky activity that falls within BDSM and that I am comfortable providing it to you.


You can expect to be treated with kindness, respect, and integrity. We will negotiate and plan your scene in advance, and I will honour your boundaries, and give you the best dungeon experience possible.  I have impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene for my dungeon, and take all practical safety measures possible. To learn more about me, my play style and personality, you can check out my social media, blog, and there are photos in the gallery on my homepage.

Seeing an experienced Mistress means that you can explore your kinks and fetishes with safety and health in mind. BDSM does not include sex in a Dominant session, nor does it include a massage. BDSM is about exploring your kinks and fetishes that are sexual in nature, but are outside the realm of sex itself. Most sessions are very sensual and an erotic experience.

But don't you just hurt people?

Only if that's what they ask for. Not all submissives, slaves, or clients wish for their sessions to include pain! That is perfectly valid and acceptable. Even if you just want to talk, cuddle, or be covered in pretty decorative wax, that's all ok. Your session is what you want it to be. You choose the lines of the picture, and I colour it in. We negotiate together what your session includes, and it must line up with your experience, wants, needs, and boundaries. 

Am I going to a scary Dungeon? This is intimidating!

Being a submissive puts you in a position of being vulnerable, by putting trust and control into the hands of the Mistress that will be dominating you and satisfying your kinks and fetishes.  You are being welcomed into a private home environment that is comfortable and secure where all of the equipment and furniture is at hand to maximise your experience.

Who can book a session with Mistress Phoenix?

Anyone over the age of 18 years. I see clients of all genders, sexualities, abilities, couples, and anything else. Provided I offer a service that caters to your needs, that you are over the age of 18, and respectful, we can play together. If you're unsure, just email me.

How do I plan a session with Mistress Phoenix?

The best way is to send me an email, be polite, include details such as your name, brief description of the type of session you're seeking, include your experience level, preferred session length, and preferred session dates/times.  It's okay if you've never had any sessions with a Dominatrix before, tell me what you're interested in and what has drawn you to seek out a Dominatrix, and we will plan a session you will enjoy. Please read the information available on my website, and if you have any questions not covered here, include these in your email.

How experienced is Mistress Phoenix?

I have more than 15 years experience as a lifestyle Domme, and trained professionally under Mistress Tara in Sydney for around 2 years, and have been working independently since that time. I have a lot of experience in a variety of areas, and I will not engage in kinks I don't have experience or training in.

Where are you located?

A private dungeon in the suburbs of Greater Western Sydney, near Blacktown. Public transport is nearby, and plenty of street parking is available. Exact address is provided to you on the day of your appointment. Please be quiet and respectful as you arrive and leave.

How long are your sessions?

Session times are variable upon what it is you're looking for. I can do short sessions, or extended sessions, typically though, sessions most commonly go for an hour. When you email me, let me know your preferred session length. 

Does Mistress Phoenix have limits?

Yes, my limits include scat, medical and blood play, and intimate body worship. I do not offer full service, so I do not engage in sex, oral sex with my clients. 

How can I prepare for a session with you?

Make sure that on the day of our session you're well hydrated, you've had something to eat, and prior to attending please be showered, and in clean clothing, unless otherwise agreed. 

For sessions including anal play, please attend to any toiletting needs, enema, or cleaning you feel that you might need, if you need assistance with this, we can include it into your session but may affect our session. You may shower again after our session prior to leaving. 

Are you available for Double Domme sessions?

I am available to discuss planning Double Domme sessions. Colleagues are welcome to contact me to request this, and clients are welcome to contact me to invite me to join them and another professional Mistress.

I also have available for booking a professional submissive, Miss Bella Marks, she is available for Doubles sessions with me, or solo submissive sessions. She is available by appointment only, and must be booked in advanced. Last minute bookings for Miss Bella are not an option.

I want you to dress me up, do you have costumes, or wardrobe available for these sessions?

Yes, I have some items available, and you may also bring with you any outfits or clothing you may already own and enjoy. All of my wardrobe items get cleaned between sessions.

Can you put me in chastity?

If you already own your own properly fitted chastity device, yes. I do not keep chastity devices on hand, and it is unsafe to put you into a device that is not properly fitted to your body, as these devices come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and I have no way of knowing in advance what will comfortably and safely fit you.

What are your rates?

A standard one hour session begins at $350. Some fetishes, and extended sessions attract higher rates due to the added preparations, contact me for more information. Payment is usually by cash, however I can accept deposits and some payments via Beem. I choose Beem for payments as it does not share your personal information with me, nor mine with you, this provides discretion for us both. All sessions require a non-refundable deposit via Beem and you can direct your payment to @msphoenix the deposit is deducted from the balance session fees. If you are unable to pay this deposit via Beem app or Wishtender, email me to discuss alternative options, such as gift cards.

30 minutes $200 - $250

60 minutes $350 - $400

2 hours $600 - $650

Professional Submissive with Miss Bella Marks is negotiated depending on content of the session.

All sessions require a non-refundable deposit of $50 via Beem and you can direct your payment to @msphoenix, or via Wishtender as a "surprise gift".

If you are unable to pay this deposit via Beem or Wishtender, email me to discuss alternative options, such as gift cards.

If you cancel your appointment, the deposit is non-refundable. If you reschedule with at least 24 hours notice, your deposit transfers to the new appointment time. I use Beem and Wishtender for deposits as it protects your privacy.

Any other questions, ask Mistress...

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