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Another Instagram victim, ha!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

So to end my 2022 has been the loss of my instagram account. I believe they have banned my email, as I created a back up and that got banned within 15 minutes! No reason given, no appeal options. I've sent an email to them, and it has been suggested I spam them with emails to try get it back. I'm not hopeful, though.

I created the account in 2019, after I started working in Mistress Tara's Dungeon, and even helped her create her accounts for instagram and twitter, to help us both build our brands, reputations, and be easily found and verified by potential clients and subs. It's common these days for people in our work to be vetted and social media presence is a good way for that to be safely done for people who want to play with us, and it's a good way to see we are real people who live and love what we do, and are not going to scam people. Unfortunately, the powers that be and run these platforms do not like what we do and we are regularly turfed off the platforms.

I still have a Twitter and Fetlife, and I can be found on Tryst, Ivy Societe, and a few other directory websites, and of course, the reason I have this website is to collate all the information about me and bookings, etc and be contactable anyway. Though my website is not as old as my social media platforms are, because I was listed on Mistress Tara's website which has of course been lost to the ether since her passing.

So Merry Xmas to me, I've lost years of hard work, branding, contacts, colleagues, subs, and memories. What a way to end the year.

Please follow me in other places, please come back here regularly for updates, and remember I'm available via email also, and I'm considering opening that up to other messages platforms, maybe kik, seeing as instagram messages can't be a thing anymore.

EDIT: So I made a new instagram, you can folllow me @ mistressphoenixbbw and its linked everywhere again. Thanks.

I hope you are all healthy, happy, safe, and have a wonderful holiday period, and I'll see you all in 2023!

Mistress Phoenix


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