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It's been a while since an update

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Hey everyone,

Sometimes life gets away from me and I don't get much opportunity to update the blog, and I'm not very good at keeping up with social media either.

My instagram got nuked again, I've been trying to appeal but with no luck. My Twitter still exists and I update when I can, and of course, my website is still around. I'll try having more time and things to update the blog with. It's becoming the better way to stay up to date with everyone.

A few changes, Ms Vanessa Doll is no longer available for any sessions. So please do not send any further enquiries.

Miss Bella Marks however is still available, so feel free to make enquiries about appointments with her.

I also encourage people to please fill in the contact forms correctly with the information I've specified I need from you, sending me emails that just say "heyyyyy mistress" don't get either of us anywhere, and only prolong the booking process. The more information you can provide me with, the easier the booking process will be for us both, and the increased likelihood of success.

I've also been considering adding in text/chat session options as well, and investigating apps that would ensure personal information privacy for us both. There was interest in this service when I put up a poll on my Twitter a little while ago, so that may be an offering not too far in the future. Feel free to comment here, find the Twitter post, or email me if this is something you'd be interested in, the more interest there is, the more likely the service will be offered.

I think that's it for now. Stay pervy.

Mistress Phoenix


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